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Pins/punches and dies/Nozzle tips
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Product Name£º Pins/punches and dies/Nozzle tips
Product Model£º Custom made
 Main Steel Material:  SKD11,,SKD61,SKS3,SKH51,,SKH55,SKD6,D2,SUJ2,1.2379.,1.3343,Vanadis 4E, Calmax, NC11LV, HSS,
 Main Tungsten Carbide:  K10,K20,K30,K40,CD650,CF-H40S,KG7,WF30,KD20,V10,V20,V30,ST6,ST7
 Other Material:  Copper, Aluminium alloy.
 Processing:  CNC Milling, CNC Turning ,Grinding,,PG, Wire-EDM, Stamping,CNC-Lathe,EDM, Mirror polishing
 Surface Treatment: TiCN coating, Nitriding, Anodizing,Chrome plating, Blackening, Zin plating, DLC, PVD,
 Best Tolerance: ¡À0.002mm
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