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Challenges faced by metal stamping manufacturing industry in the new situation

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With the development of international market and the improvement of productivity abroad, the advantages of China's metal stamping manufacturing industry are gradually weakening or even losing. The main reasons are as follows:
1) the product series is single and lacks the competitiveness in the international market. Chinese residents do not have high requirements for metal stamping products used in building decoration and home furnishing, mainly pursuing reliable quality and seldom considering the comfort and beauty of use. However, in foreign markets, especially in European and American markets, customers often have more aesthetics, ergonomics and other additional products on the premise of high quality Requirements. Take the cabinet door support as an example, domestic customers mainly require that the door support can play a good supporting role and can open and close for many times; however, customers in European and American markets require that the door support have damping characteristics in addition to the above requirements, to prevent the elastic impact when the cabinet door is opened, and even have requirements for the opening angle and direction of the cabinet door, so as to make the space utilization more reasonable. The design and application standards of some foreign products are provided. On this basis, domestic enterprises can form database, produce series products and improve market competitiveness
2) backward production equipment and low product precision. Due to the low machining accuracy requirements of metal stamping products and the basic ability of traditional machine tools to meet their requirements, most domestic enterprises still use ordinary machine tools at present. However, in the face of the changing market demand, the defects of ordinary machine tools' poor adaptability to new products are increasingly prominent. In recent years, due to the labor cost, the With continuous improvement, some enterprises have gradually started to use CNC machine tools, and even introduced manipulator. Enterprises try to reduce the cost proportion of labor force through the automation transformation of production line. In this context, the application of PLM technology has a certain hardware foundation
3) lack of R & D experience and technology accumulation of new products. To a certain extent, China's metal stamping products have the replication of foreign products, which makes the enterprise lack of experience in R & D of new products, especially in design specifications, technical personnel training and other aspects. PLM technology can make the enterprise quickly form new rules for product development and greatly shorten the R & D cycle
4) labor cost increases rapidly. It is an indisputable fact that labor resource shortage and labor cost increase in domestic manufacturing industry. PLM technology can shorten product R & D cycle, connect production process seamlessly, and greatly reduce the use of labor with the support of certain equipment

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