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» The selection of die materials should adhere to the principle of low price under the premise of use 2019-10-23
Material selection should adhere to the principle of low price under the premise of use. In material selection, it is not that the higher the material is, the better. The high grade of materials generally means that the higher the price is
» The technological innovation of precision stamping die has been greatly improved 2019-10-23
In recent years, the overall technical level of advanced precision stamping die has been improved rapidly, and its performance indexes such as die technical level, manufacturing accuracy
» Challenges faced by metal stamping manufacturing industry in the new situation 2019-10-23
With the development of international market and the improvement of productivity abroad, the advantages of China's metal stamping manufacturing industry are gradually weakening or even losing. The main reasons are as follows:
» The specific performance of poor sales of small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in China 2019-10-23
At present, many small and medium-sized metal stamping enterprises in our country have a direct impact on the development of enterprises due to the following factors: backward concept, poor team management and implementation, unclear product target market, disordered marketing methods, and poor sales channels. The specific contents are as follows.
» Summary of common problems of hardware mould and analysis of Solutions 2019-10-23
Dongguan Xingrui Precision Die Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures all kinds of stamping dies within 4 meters, including large-scale automobile dies and hardware dies for electronic products. The team of the company has rich experience in hardware mold design and manufacturing. Now we make a simple summary of the common problems of hardware mold encountered in the past, and share the solutions as follows:

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